Goldberg Experienced.04 (GE0433RPM)


Composition for 8 pianos, 8 loudspeakers, 40 min

In collaboration with Patrice Coulombe, composer, Marybelle Frappier, pianist and Adam Cavaluzi, sound enginer

Rehearsal and concert

In the series of Goldberg Experienced works (four of which are included in the exhibition), Patrick Bernatchez explores Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations (composed around 1740) through various sound and musical experiments. In Goldberg Experienced.04, Bernatchez, in collaboration with composer Patrice Coulombe, draws directly from 77K, 1er, 2e, 3e mouvement (Goldberg Experienced.03), in which eight altered vinyl recordings of Glenn Gould’s 1981 performance are playing simultaneously. Transposing the piece back into a composition for eight pianos, he turns the sounds of the damaged records into the matrix for a new work. The piece was performed live for the first time by eight pianists and recorded at Casino Luxembourg under Coulombe’s direction.