77K, 1ER, 2E

(Goldberg Experienced.03), 2012

16-mm film, 8 turntables, 8 vinyl LPs, loudspeakers, 8-min loop

In collaboration with Guillaume-Van Roberge

Private collection, Montréal

Performance extract 77K 1er mouvement presented at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris November 30, 2012

Installation view
Eight vinyl records and eight turntables

With 77K, 1er, 2e 3e mouvement, Bernatchez employs Glenn Gould’s famous 1981 performance of the Goldberg Variations. Eight vinyl records play the recording simultaneously, but each plays something different, owing to alterations on the vinyl surfaces. The result is a new work, partially improvised and uncontrollable. Over time, the work reveals its organic nature: the progressive wear and tear of the records becomes apparent and the music slowly disintegrates with them. Similarly, the 16-mm film of horse and rider slowly disintegrates due to the wear and tear of the looper.